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Here is what a few of our clients had to say about working with
Walker Financial Consulting:

Walker Financial Consulting was able to assist me with the purchase of acreage as well as refinancing of two office buildings; at the same time. The Chicago, IL rehab and expansion project estimated at $6.2M almost seemed impossible after having jumped through numerous hoops required by others without any positive outcome. Even though I was initial skeptical, because of past experiences, I knew immediately that Walker was knowledgeable and felt that he would do what he could to help me meet my project goals. Walker was extremely responsive to my questions and I made sure to provide information he requested without delay. The project was approved and funds were delivered within five weeks. I am in the middle of the rehab, but owe it all to Walker Financial for making this possible.
– Michael

Walker Financial Consulting negotiated a 50 percent discount on our debt with our former lender, which exited golf course lending, and placed the $27M debt with a new financial institution. They are the best I’ve ever worked with. Walker Financial understands the financial markets, and their expertise brings a lot to the table. They do what they say they’re going to do.
– Jeff

Mr. Walker, I would personally like to thank you for the stupendous efforts and strides you made for me in the $13M acquisition financing for three Championship golf courses through a 363 bankruptcy sale. What was greatly appreciated was the attention to detail and immediate response time you were able to achieve with the respective lender. Looking toward the future, I foresee more opportunities and will be excited to enter into another engagement.
– Patrick


I was in the middle of a major $7M multifamily construction project in TX when my construction loan was pulled. I was unsure what was going to occur. I asked around and was told to call Walker Financial Consulting, and I am glad that I did. I provided them an overview on the project, some other paperwork and they were able to get me approved for the monies I needed to get the project completed. The team at Walker Financial was knowledgeable and extremely responsive. I never believed that I would be able to get this construction completed if it were not for the team at Walker Financial. I am definitely going to use this for additional ground up construction projects in the future.
– Marti

Mr. Walker and his group were very helpful in getting a few commercial real estate loans closed. As a commercial banker, it is important that I meet and exceed my client’s needs. So, when I could not close a few loans, I called Walker Financial in hopes of getting them closed. All they really asked me for was the loan packages and they were able to get the process moving along extremely quickly. Walker Financials almost seamless process made it possible for me to retain the relationship with my clients while ensuring that they got their funds. My clients received their short-term funds and are currently doing what is required so I can help them attain their long-term funding goals through refinancing. The loans ranged from $5.4M to $6.7M. I can without hesitation recommend Walker Financial Consulting because of their professionalism, determination and true ability to get loans closed. Thank you.
– Jon

Through the professional services I received in my dealings with Walker and his team, I was able to save my CA resort from bankruptcy. Walker Financial Consulting worked diligently to provide the debt restructuring required for me and my partners to keep the resort open and also provided the funds needed to handle some deferred maintenance. The $26M loan allowed us to keep workers employed and now we are able to once again compete with the other four-star resorts in the area. Thank you!
– Kevin


Walker Financial made my refinancing extremely easy. Walker told me about the common sense underwriting and reduced red tape, but it took me until closing to believe that it was possible to close a loan without having to give up my first born. My $9.3M manufacturing plant refinancing effort took less than four weeks to finalize. I have never closed a loan so quickly, and appreciate the time and the efforts made by Walker and his team. I am definitely going to recommend that my peers go through Walker and Walker Financial Consulting.
– Margaret

I appreciate all of the efforts that Walker and Walker Financial took to assist me with the purchasing of a large strip center in Atlanta, GA. They took no time to gather the information needed to make the decision and worked with me every step of the way. I was able to obtain a $14M purchase loan and will make them my first call when I make the decision to purchase another retail property.
– Pedro